A Comprehensive Inspire FT Fitness Trainer Home gym Review

Weightlifting is the best way to tone up your body, build muscle mass, and boost your overall physical performance.

Power lifting or lifting of significant amount of weight such as in professional bodybuilding requires you to have access to right tools, especially if you want to train by yourself in your own house.

The best piece of equipment that is a must in your home gym is Smith machine. However, which one is best for you?

That’s why we are here today to choose the best possible Smith machine that can provide you with durability, longevity, versatility, safety, and ultimately ensuring that rewarding weightlifting experience.

So let’s delve into the details and discuss about the best machine.

Inspire Fitness FT2 Fitness Trainer/ Inspire FT2 Home Gyminspire ft2 fitness trainer Main Features                                                                                                                        

The inspire ft2 workout machine has many outstanding features that make it unique and we would definitely like to mention them here. Remember, it the fully loaded professional model with all necessary features included.                                                  

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• Safety catches and Smith bar lockout
• Integrated Smith bar & weight stack
• Is equipped with a special mid dual pulley system
• Comes with dual high pulleys
• Has a pull up bar
• Comes with leg extension attachment and a complete leg kit• Has an adjustable bench
• Has dual low height pulley for seated rows
• Heavy-duty high quality steel frame that has powder coat finish
• Can upgrade anytime to dual 200-pound weight stacks
• Dual 150-pound weight stacks
• Extremely well made bench
• Force multiplier to double resistance
• The package includes tons of accessories

Inspire ft2 Dimensions & Weight

This home gym is surely big and heavy. Get it now http://amzn.to/2tCUg7u

It needs a significant amount of space in a room and you won’t be able to move it around in your house once you complete the set up at one place.

This huge size of the workout machine comes with so many features, but just be prepared to have some space specifically dedicated to it!

• Weight: 500+ pounds• Height: 88 inches
• Length: 89 inches
• Width: 61 inchesAssembly

The assembly of Inspire FT2 Home gym Trainer will take some time. The instructions that accompany the machine are clear and easy, but keep in mind there are so many of them. You should have access to tools like a ratchet, screwdriver, and a special rubber mallet. YouYou can assemble it yourself, but it will take a couple of hours. It’s  best to have another person by your side to help you.

inspire ft2 workout equipment


What We Really Like about this Fitness Trainer? 

There are so many things we like about Inspire FT2 workout machine, so let’s get straight to it.

First of all It is equipped with independent dual 150-pound weight stacks. This feature is awesome as it allows you to either work on just one side of the body or use both its stacks at once.

Moreover, it’s possible to upgrade the weight stacks from 150 to 200 pounds each. The Inspire FT2 workout machine even has a unique force multiplier option that allows user to easily quickly increase the resistance you’re faced with.

The maximum possible weight which Inspire FT2 workout equipment allows user to lift is exactly 800 pounds (including the force multiplier and the upgrade). This is sufficient for any bodybuilding enthusiast

. A magnetic pin in used by the weight stacks which holds them in place. This feature makes this model reliable and safe.

Another thing we like about Inspire Fitness FT2 is that it has a dual pulley mechanism that allows it to be used in different positions.

This features allows you to do 32 more exercises. Get it now click link http://amzn.to/2tCUg7uinspire ft2 workout machine

You will also like its Smith bar which has been seamlessly integrated right into a weight stack.

Mostly, Smith bars makes use of free weights, which can be cumbersome, but not with this functional trainer.

It directly connects to the machines weight stack and makes the process of doing presses super easy. It also has a top lockout mechanism so you can easily keep it completely out of way when you’re not using it.

Moreover, Inspire ft2 is also equipped with many safety catches to avoid harm in case you accidentally drop it during workouts.

When it comes to presses, it is definitely one of the safest Functional Trainers around. In order to carry out your bench presses and incline, this model comes with a fully adjustable and comfortable bench.

Yet another interesting thing you’ll like about Inspire FT2 workout equipment is that the machine’s frame features a heavy duty round tubular and rectangular steel.

The steel has special electorstatiscally applied special powder coat finish that ensures extra protection.

Its wide base makes it super stable, and its superior frame makes it as strong as any professional class gym could be.

The Inspire ft2 workout equipment let’s you exercise almost every body muscle. It also has a tricep rope, a unique leg extension attachment and also a highly useful leg kit, a straight bar, a pair of special D-handles, an ankle cuff, a EZ curl bar…

a swing handle, and a multi-function belt.

Once combined with various positions and pulley systems, it’s possible to do everything from bicep and tricep exercises….

…to squats, abdominal crunches, presses etc.The Inspire FT2 home gym also has a fullyinspire ft2 homegym integrated pull up bar.

Definitely, this functional trainer is definitely the most comprehensive and easy to use home gyms out there today. So whether you’ve decided to work out your back, leg, core, chest, arms, shoulders, abs, or any other body part, this machine will allow you to easily do it within seconds.

inspire ft2Warranty of the inspire fitness trainer

The Inspire FT2 home gym comes with a limited lifetime warranty on its frame as well as parts.

So once you have this trainer, you won’t have to worry about its worn out parts, irrespective of how long you have this homegym, because                                                                                           if something accidentally breaks, you can                                                                                                   quickly get it repaired or replaced for free.

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* What’s the weight of each plate?
Its 10 pounds/ 4.5 Kilograms

* Where can the extras like the bench and additional 200lbs can be purchased from?
You can buy it from the market

* Where is this made?

* Can you do lat pulldowns with this home gym? If so, how to brack your thighs?
Inspire FT2 makes leg lock that attached to the end of the bench. It works fine but is bit different from the fixed setup at most fitness clubs.

* Is it possible to have a 250 lbs stack upgrade on each side instead of 200lbs?
The highest you can go is 200 pounds due to its cable travel. Additional weight can affect the functionality of the workout machine.

.* Does the “fully loaded” FT2 Functional Trainer come with the curl bar and straight bar?
Yes, but it does not come with long lat bar for its top cables.

* Is the red smith machine bar the same width as any standard 45lb bar?

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Testimonialshomegym and workout equipment


A great product. Have been using it since there weeks, really a pleasure to use and it’s extremely versatile. Fully operates and works as advertised.

Howard Tiersky

Awesome! I’ve have FT2 for about 5 months now. Still using it on almost daily basis. I think, it’s ease of use is one of the main reasons.

Michael Amy

Hands down the best possible piece of lasting and all inclusive equipment I had ever used. Just one flaw is its leg attachment.

Brian Schuette

I’ve been looking for about two months to make sure I made up the best choice, considering all available options.

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All in all, the Inspire FT2 workout machine is the best and definitely the biggest high end easy-to-use home gym out there on the market. The fitness trainer is highly suitable for all types of lifters out there. it’s very durable, and ton of function, allows lot of exercises, and also has huge amount of resistance and weight.

It’s a big heavy duty home gym that has feature to work every muscle in the body. If you’re serious about your workouts and strength training, then go for model because there’s nothing better than this home gym.

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